Monday, March 6, 2017

After the Rain

This was done entirely in acrylics - I haven't been there in a while.
Lots of fun with my own take on a YouTube tutorial and, for a first attempt, I say it's not bad. I like it. Suggestions with light and shade atop a nice rainy-day background created satisfying effects.
Just as every dark rainstorm also waters and nourishes the earth, so God leaves droplets of His Goodness and illuminated Wisdom within our easy reach after trials (right on the windows of our souls) if we are willing to seize the precious liquid of HIS perspective and apply it to our hearts.
Lord willing, we'll stay in acrylics for a while.
God bless you.

"After the Rain"
Copyright 3-6-17, SJ Palmer

Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Revelatory Path

"A Quiet Walk"
Copyright 2-24-17, SJ Palmer
This is a revelatory path, and an exercise for me in painting light. Black canvas will always give me the "mood" I need. Lord willing, as always, I intend to keep practicing. I like this painting.

Among other things I'm sure, Navy Blue is God's color for revelation; that's what my walk has been throughout life, but especially in the past four or five years, so I made Prussian blue (a more serious-minded blue) the star here, only mixing other colors to change its value. Titanium white, Midnight black, and Vandyke brown are the only other colors used.

The Lord gave the painting's title to my husband... they've nailed it again, IMO.

Things grow quieter and more noisy simultaneously; less busy but more (spiritually) kinetic, and certainly more challenging. Parts of my psyche and emotions I didn't even know existed have been tapped and utilized over the last few years; I'm affirmed, appreciated, and challenged more than ever by guess who? ME! I believe it's chiefly because I'm finally believing everything good Abba says about me. That's so important.

When God gently cups my chin in His Holy Hand and raises my vision to His, I see that HE is my being's total affirmation and praise (don't think God also gives His kids praise? Check out Romans 2:29 and be blessed!), excluding all others.  Only soaking in the Truth of God's unfailing love and plans for me satisfies my soul; that's how it's meant to be for all of us. The everlasting beauty of that revelation has highlighted my walk over the past few years, and it fills my body, soul, and spirit with His Light and Hope in what's to come. With God, there's always something brighter, lighter, higher, deeper, and more challenging in His plan that brings us ever closer to His amazing power, endless love, and continuing mercy. Moving and growing "from glory to glory" is chiefly what brings our souls into the wholeness He's prescribed.

That's what's lovingly around the bend of this illuminated, peaceful, gently elevated path. Following it with my eyes fixed upward to Jesus, trusting and believing in His words of truth and confidence regarding me have made this a steady, focused, ever-precious, and ever-deepening... Quiet Walk.

God bless you.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Perseverance Pays Off

Copyright 1-24-17, SJ Palmer

My husband Jack named this painting because of the way it makes him feel; I'm inclined to agree.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE taking a photo with a DSLR camera makes! It truly has done justice to the beauty, simplicity, and coloring of this painting. In it, I see hours of practice paying off; I'm very pleased.

The Lord rewards perseverance and diligence; He regards humble hearts who give Him glory for all accomplishments.  That's what I'm doing today with this bright, lovely painting... I'm giving Him glory... I'm thanking God for it.

I find I've come to put combinations of 3's in my paintings, to stand for the Godhead. It's just something I enjoy doing.  There are five prominent trees here, but the evergreens are a group of 3; I know my Heavenly Father, Lord and Love Jesus, and Best Friend Holy Spirit are ever watching over me.

On a painter's note, I'm glad to finally have bushes look like bushes - in coloring, layering, form, and shape! Yay! The camera catches that well.

Bob Ross always said that - as with everything - if there's anything to mastering this technique of painting, it's practice.  Though I don't yet consider myself to have mastered it, believe me, practice is what I have done, and I've greatly enjoyed every moment of it... even the absolute flops!

I'm encouraged and energized, and I pray you are, too, regarding all the tasks and challenges you tackle to bring glory and honor to God's Name.  I haven't let His gracious, powerful impartation to my life lay on the ground, and I've allowed Him to constantly encourage me regarding the humble efforts of nurturing and stick-to-itiveness necessary to bring its tender buds into bloom.

The Lord's hands laid the foundation of my ability to paint, and His hands shall finish it... "for who has despised the day of small things?" (Zech. 4:10a)

Certainly not me. 



Saturday, January 14, 2017

Night Seasons

"In shady green pastures so rich and so sweet, God leads His dear children along.

Where the water's cool flow bathes the weary ones feet, God Leads His dear children along.

Some through the water, some through the flood, some through the fire, but all through the blood.

Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song... in the night season and all the day long."

(1903, by George A. Young)

I believe this gorgeous old hymn says it all. Black canvas truly brings out the best of God's progressive work in me.

Quiet and subtle, yet also clearly stated - the Godhead are the heart of this valley... the Godhead are the heart of me.

We reside here in Peace, in shady green pastures beside cool, still waters... in the night seasons and all the day long.

"Night Seasons"
Copyright 1-13-17, SJ Palmer

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Slide: A Practice 8 x 10

These little interim practice paintings really help me develop form and shape, and they serve my imagination well.

In this (only my second) Winter painting, I see this ice slick being made by kids who live with the family at the path's end. Buckets and buckets of water they carried and splashed onto this spot in the frosty forest so they could have the chance to run fast and slide on their bellies or makeshift toboggans on their sheening patch for hours.

When you're a kid, you don't care how cold it is or how wet you get, as long as you're having fun. Remember? I do.

I pray this one transports you to a happy time, even if for a moment.

"Winter Slide"
Copyright 1-9-17, SJ Palmer

Friday, January 6, 2017

Vertical Valley

"Vertical Valley"
Copyright 12-31-16, SJ Palmer
This is the last painting of 2016, and I wanted to make it a little special so I splashed it onto a vertical 12" x 24" canvas. Very nice, and a lot of fun doing it!

The Lord is the Originator and Indweller of all colors, but I believe pinks are His the most. Pink symbolizes "Holiness", being set apart for God's plans and purposes. Naturally, Red is for the precious "Blood of Jesus", and Purple represents our identity in Christ and the "Royalty" we have in Him as part of His family. Green, of course, is "Life, Health, and Healing" (also peace and teaching). Dark Green is "Preservation", and Light Blue is "Peace". Teal is His "Delight"; Yellow stands for "Jesus", while Orange symbolizes His "Refining Fire". Brown reflects His "Humility", and White is "Purity" and "Truth".

Don't you just love it? GOD IS AMAZING!

Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did painting it, and HAPPY 2017!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Simply Winter

This is my very first Winter painting.

The sky is my favorite part about it. The color and clouds are doing exactly what I want them to do. That satisfaction is probably a little taste of how the Lord must feel about us when we are exactly obedient to His directives.

To me, in Winter, the clouds lack the same kind of fullness they have in Summer; they're probably freezing so, in traveling through the skies, they're doing the best they can to look fluffy. Even when they're full of snow they look different than they do in warmer climes. I wanted to portray that cotton candy type wispiness here... as though they're about to crystalize. A new blender brush gifted to me gave just the right effect once their forms were in; God is SO good to me!

Recently, the Deerfoot Stippler brush has joined my collection, and I LOVE IT! The control it gives is fit for devout hobbyists like me who desperately desire to employ proper form and shape to tree foliage and bushes. The frosty-looking bushes here are ALL done with the Deerfoot. Praise God!

I enjoy painting the uplifted boughs on evergreens rather than the traditional boughs hanging down.  There's enough of arms hanging down in the world, IMO, so in my world most of the trees' arms are uplifted. I just like that.

I pray you all are rejoicing with me in the successes God has given me with painting. I truly enjoy sharing all of them with you.

God Bless You and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


"Simply Winter"
Copyright 12-12-16, SJ Palmer