Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Simply Winter

This is my very first Winter painting.

The sky is my favorite part about it. The color and clouds are doing exactly what I want them to do. That satisfaction is probably a little taste of how the Lord must feel about us when we are exactly obedient to His directives.

To me, in Winter, the clouds lack the same kind of fullness they have in Summer; they're probably freezing so, in traveling through the skies, they're doing the best they can to look fluffy. Even when they're full of snow they look different than they do in warmer climes. I wanted to portray that cotton candy type wispiness here... as though they're about to crystalize. A new blender brush gifted to me gave just the right effect once their forms were in; God is SO good to me!

Recently, the Deerfoot Stippler brush has joined my collection, and I LOVE IT! The control it gives is fit for devout hobbyists like me who desperately desire to employ proper form and shape to tree foliage and bushes. The frosty-looking bushes here are ALL done with the Deerfoot. Praise God!

I enjoy painting the uplifted boughs on evergreens rather than the traditional boughs hanging down.  There's enough of arms hanging down in the world, IMO, so in my world most of the trees' arms are uplifted. I just like that.

I pray you all are rejoicing with me in the successes God has given me with painting. I truly enjoy sharing all of them with you.

God Bless You and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


"Simply Winter"
Copyright 12-12-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Autumn Brook

What I like the best about this painting is the water. The little brook fall and then the little catchbasin of it before it flows away in the foreground is exactly what I wanted it to be. Praise God!
Otherwise, I like the colors in the foreground and background, I love the Phtalo blue of the sky and the orange foliage that contrasts with it, and I love the bushes in the middle and the lay of the land reflecting moonlight on the grass.
While it's not one of my best paintings, it represents a conquering of intimidation regarding the brook water effect that Bob Ross does so wonderfully and aptly on his videos. God enabled me to duplicate that technique, and it worked for me just fine.
The canvas is dry to start, then scrubbed with a thin coat of the blue. Because of that, the entire painting is basically cast in the shadows that come just before dark. I love that. I pray you enjoy this one and appreciate the cooperation between blue and orange on the color wheel.
God bless you!
"Autumn Brook"
Copyright 11-30-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Birch Gateway

I was watching a Joy of Painting video and "saw" something (in the way of inspiration) in the contours of background trees host Bob Ross was making. As it turned out, his composition went a totally different way, but my imagination was sparked for a new painting, so off I went!

I call it, "Birch Gateway", the idea being to create a work showing depth in the background with a big birch tree up front, sort of like a landmark. I imagined that folks giving directions to those traveling this river might tell them to "veer right (or left) at the birch"... something cool like that. I love that, when you focus on the birch, the background gets fuzzy just like in life. Also, the rounded edges of the scene give the whole thing a bubble-like appearance like looking through glass into this small part of my world. (I didn't plan any of that awesome stuff; it's the Lord's doing!)

Imagination and I are becoming acquainted in new ways through painting. I'm having FUN... just as the Lord intended. Thanks to His great patience, encouragement, and mercy, I did not let this gifting just lay on the ground. He is developing it in me as I take time to practice; believe me, the raw ability is a miracle - it didn't exist with me prior to His merciful and compassionate impartation.

Watch other painters work and see what God gives you. It will be a part of "your story" only you can express.

Praise God!

"Birch Gateway"
Copyright 11-9-16, SJ Palmer

Monday, October 31, 2016

Contemplating Strength

"Contemplating Strength"
Copyright 10-31-16, SJ Palmer

I love the intensity of this painting. It's beautiful because it depicts simple, colorful, simmering activity. When my brain studies things via God's power, it sounds like waterfalls; steady, bubbling creativity; it feels good and refreshes the mechanisms of thought. That's the Lord's doing. Holy Spirit is often symbolized as water... I believe "rushing" water does Him justice.
I have very much wanted to put mental movement on canvas, capturing the general atmosphere of the inner world of holy, peaceful, deep contemplation of God that makes my life wonderful... for it is.
Practice indeed makes perfect and - while this isn't perfection's picture - this work is the closest I've come to pinpointing the emotions inside of me; that makes it perfect enough. I pray it speaks good things to all who see it.
God gave me a gift to be developed, and He is blessing the continued application of His gift by expanding my imagination and giving me all I need in terms of technique to explore and release the inner desires and colorful scenes in my heart.  For that and all things good and perfect, I bless His precious, faithful, Holy Name.  Amen.

Saturday, October 15, 2016


I did this painting while standing talking to Lynette about it - and she recorded me! It was SUCH fun to see and hear what I actually know about this painting technique, and I got a chance to just let my imagination go. I mixed my own simple color combinations with a mind toward harmony and contrasts; I think it turned out GREAT!

If you've tried the wet-on-wet technique, I urge you to do fun things like recording yourself doing a project; it's a great way to learn via self-critique. I won't subject you to the actual video but, suffice it to say, it's a hoot!

I call this one, "Creekside". With all the conversation and instruction involved, it took close to 2 hours to complete. My favorite part of it is the mountain... I'm finally getting the hang of how to do them. Yay!

I love that I actually put the developing picture in my head on canvas, and I am very pleased with the results. Lynette was blessed, and Jack loves it.

God is good.


Copyright 10-15-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Deep Forest: A Black Canvas

I've contemplated actually painting this scene for quite a while. I love it. Bob Ross was the brains behind the composition, but God gave the increase.
Moody paintings do great things for me, and there's nothing like a black canvas to make things happen. I recommend them highly.
As for trees, well, you all know how I feel about them. I hope you enjoy this.
God bless.


"Deep Forest"
Copyright 10-6-16, SJ Palmer

A Touch of Autumn

There are parts of the Hudson Valley that resemble this sweet scene about now.  Portions of nature still cling to summer greenery, while others scoot over to accommodate change.

That's a bit like some of us; there are those who welcome color splashes and differences in shade and frame and temperament in life and those who prefer comfortable, familiar monochromes.
Concerning trees, my mother told me long ago that God "puts them to sleep in autumn and wakes them up in spring." That truth conveyed such personal, loving kindness to me about God. It made me want to know Him more.
I pray that when you look at nature's subtle, fragile, seasonal transitions you'll desire a richer acquaintance with the God Who welcomes every bud and forms every leaf; with He Who mindfully stores the sap in earthen cellars until the time to pump it warmly back through each wooden, worshipful arm of His trees.
I pray that as you look on "A Touch of Autumn" you'll praise and stand in awe of His precious handiwork. God bless you.

"A Touch of Autumn"
Copyright 10-5-16, SJ Palmer

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Thinking clearly. Sanity. Purity.  Safety. Light. Salvation. Blood. Healing. Forgiveness. Closure.
A child has made it back to simple shores; that's what this painting says to me.

Your innocence will live again if you trust Jesus to heal you. I've been delivered from the crazy pain, robbery, and frustration of childhood molestation; thanks to Jesus, I've gotten back my sanity.
Confusion and betrayal - misleading, brutal theft of the truest artifacts in knowing who you are and who you are meant to be... that's what molestation took from me.
But Jesus bought it back. He gave it back to me after giving His own precious Body and Blood in exchange. He bought back "the kid" in me and made me understand how my life went desperately wrong at such a tender age.
And when my foolish choices exacerbated that horrible wrong... Jesus sacrificed His life for that dark time, too, and gave me back my life and my childhood "in Him" a second time.

He healed me through the words of a Christopher Cross song that played in my mind repeatedly. It played through the deliverance I went through nearly a year ago, and it still plays today, as healing continues.
Here's the marvelous song:

For those of you who've known the ballistic pain of childhood molestation, I urge you to listen carefully to every word of this masterpiece, and reach out to Jesus as it plays. You can be healed along with me. I'm praying for you.

God bless you.


Copyright 9-27-16, by SJ Palmer

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Huntsman

This is my first painting using a black gesso underpainting. It has a more mature look, though it shows I lack practice. Practice is something readily within my grasp, thank God so, God willing, the best is yet to come.

Jack imagines himself hunting deer on this hillside; hence the painting's title. I love my husband!
I enjoy using acrylics and oils and honing my love of painting. I find the prospect of studying the color wheel and experimenting with various acrylic underpainting colors exciting. I'm doing what I love, and I believe it honors the Lord so, God keeping me, I will continue to practice and practice and practice.

God honors perseverance. Pray for me, y'all.
"The Huntsman"
Copyright 9-20-2016, SJ Palmer

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thank You, God

I love being honest about my feelings.

Yesterday I got a wake-up call about my art, my painting... it's certainly good enough for me at this stage in life, but it's not the best. I know that.

I love what I do and the things God does for me - from ministering prophetically to dreaming to seeing visions to writing and being a wife... and painting... yes, painting... they're all things that I love. But most of all, I love who I truly am:

I AM MY HEAVENLY FATHER'S DAUGHTER. I am HIS Shamma, and I don't ever want to be anything less or anything else - ever. For my everlasting and true identity, I thank God.

I got prideful about my paintings yesterday (albeit only for a few moments), but I was quickly brought down to earth by a local artist's paintings that absolutely out stood mine by a country, land, sea, and city mile. Beautiful lines, gorgeous treatment of light and movement... the graceful strokes of pigment looked like photo color against the canvas... these were works bearing worthy testament to an artist's years of study; none of the strokes looked immature or unfinished, and I was justly humbled and impressed.

So, after landing safely on the soft shores of humility, I apologized to the Lord. He gave me this aptitude "for fun" and my enjoyment, not for basking in vainglory or huge revenue. In truth, I'm nowhere near an even serious amateur level of painting; I'm strictly an enthusiastic hobbyist, and I love it. For that, I thank God.

Not so very long ago I could not have even picked up a charcoal pencil or paint brush with any real prowess or eye at all toward "creating", but God and His mercy turned toward me and answered my prayer to enter a world of artistry and imagination I had never known. I have loved it, and I still love and regard it as where I want to be. Thank You, God.

I pray you'll all forgive me, too, for briefly getting too big for my britches. I pray you'll continue sharing my journey on this outstandingly thrilling, fun, and awesome road God has skillfully sown into my life. I contritely confess that - in more places than the canvas - I've still got TONS to learn!

God bless you.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Forest in Contrasts: Acrylic Painting

This acrylic painting easily could have been glazed in oil colors and, at first, that was planned. But I fell in love with the black, white, and gray of this work and decided to call it done.
Jack nearly flipped over it; Lynette loves it, too.
Seeing through the eyes of Righteous Judgement (black), Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding (gray), and Truth/Purity (white) is seeing as God sees. He's the Source of these attributes and is Creator of all color. God is THE Great Teacher and, as a painter, I found this a helpful exercise in "value" appreciation... learning to work with the most basic darks, lights, and shading tonal.
As an ever wide-eyed child of God, I am grateful for the striking beauty and humble simplicity of this Forest of Contrasts. Amen.


"Forest of Contrasts"
Copyright 9-8-16, SJ Palmer

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Under Purple Skies

I love the intense skies! Here, it's about what God can do when we give our imagination to Him. This painting began a totally different way before the Lord enabled me to sit back and see what I truly wanted. Once I did, I went for it!
God knows your abilities better than you do... He knows what He put in you, and He's delighted to allow His gifts to emerge for your enjoyment.
Some elements of this painting took readjusting (to the point of scraping off paint and applying better vision), but that is SO like life in Jesus - I couldn't help noticing that!

I've prayed restoration over myself for the virtue that's gone out onto this beautiful canvas. (All you artists should do the same to aid your endurance and preserve your joy.) God is good.
Prophetic painting isn't new, but it is to me; I like it. God is amazing.

(BTW, I'm the red bush!)

"Under Purple Skies"
Copyright 9-7-16, SJ Palmer

Friday, August 26, 2016

Mountain View

Colors have discovered me! I have discovered them. We have married each other. I wouldn't be surprised if a place in Heaven looks like this, because of the way it makes me feel. It's as though I'm standing there looking out; God willing, there will be many more paintings like this.
(I greatly cherish making good use of God's gift to me. If Bob Ross is in Heaven, God keeping me, I plan to hug his neck some day!)


"Mountain View"
Copyright 8-25-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mind's Eye Ocean: A Black Canvas

My husband asked for a painting in blue, and here it is. Blue is an awesome color in all its shades; I've yet to see an ugly blue. Even married with brown as it is here, it somehow works. My eyes are deep brown and, often in my dreams, that color will "vignette" what I'm actually seeing; that's why it's here. (Also, I began painting with another theme in mind using brown, which didn't come together.)

Sometimes it takes dipping my toes in the water to show me the real direction I should go. I thought about the Bering Sea at night (I'm a huge "Deadliest Catch" fan) and out this came. Between God's power and Bob Ross, the paintings are improving. I never realized how tentative I was with acrylics - Holy Spirit (actually symbolized by "oil") has caused me to relax with oils. Praise God.

"Ask and you shall receive" Jesus said. I'm here to tell you He's no shorter than His word. Hallelujah!


"Mind's Eye Ocean"
Copyright 8-25-16, SJ Palmer

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tranquil Sunset: A Black Canvas

This was different. It gave me all new appreciation for white canvas and the presence of light. With black canvas, man, there is NONE... if it's there, you bring it. The mercy of God and your use of color are all you have to bring light and proper shade to an otherwise dark enterprise.
It produced great awe in contemplating what the Lord did with only one Light to work with when He began making the earth - Himself. In the literal sense, then, it takes Light to make light. In the artistic sense, shadow helps a great deal.
Did I enjoy the challenge? Yes.
Would I use black canvas again? Yes.

I've painted this one for my best friend Lynette who is now enjoying many tranquil, colorful days in life. She's growing closer to Jesus and living a life of freedom right here on earth. This is how she looks to me; standing in the foreground of life with the soft Light of God on her face. (I cover every word of that testimony with the Blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Who came in the flesh. Amen.)
Lynette, my friend, I love you. Enjoy the painting.
"Tranquil Sunset"
Copyright 8-20-2016, SJ Palmer

Monday, August 8, 2016

UPDATED: Yes - the tree is the thing

I love trees; I've known that for many years. They praise God continually. This painting reflects my desire to express that love in my own way. God has given me a great gift; prior to His gracious impartation, I could only finger paint!

The tree in the furthest foreground is a lot like me; stretched out in praise and facing the sun on an island filled with life, growth, and color. Those of you who kindly visited this blog yesterday are aware of the changes I've made to the tree since then. Its leaves were dull and looked off-peak; the Lord has worked lovingly and diligently on the "colors" of my life, to make them POP! all bright and shiny. Now this tree looks like me, letting my light, life, and amazing color shine forth to the world. IT IS THE LORD'S DOING, and it is marvelous in my eyes!

The tree still greets the viewer and ushers them in to the other components of contemplation oil painting facilitates so aptly in me. Its new foliage was applied with a palette knife - slowly, joyously, methodically... and that's definitely like me. Acrylics dry fast, which is sometimes quite useful; but oils give time for thought. I like that.

Yeah, absolutely now, in this painting the tree's the thing.


"The Tree's the Thing"
Copyright 8-9-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Misty Mountains: An Oil Painting

My painting has finally turned a corner. So has my confidence. (I cover that declaration with Christ's Blood.)

Now that I've tapped in to the wet-on-wet technique, I can think toward making it my own. God is truly merciful, and Bob Ross was a genius!

The Lord rewards perseverance and, as y'all have witnessed, I have painted and painted over the past several weeks trying to find the right combo of guts and glory.  God gave me courage, and I've painted this scene to His Glory. This one made my husband weep; it's quiet and simple, just like me.

What God does for one, He'll do for all; I hope you're inspired by my breakthrough... and, by God's power,  dramatic skies and inspired worlds - here I come!
Thank You, Lord Jesus.  Amen.

I'm smiling!


"Misty Mountains: An Oil Painting"
Copyright 8-4-2016, SJ Palmer

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Waterfall - 1st attempt

In this painting, the water's the thing.

Holy Spirit is symbolized by water.  So is ministry.  But, I confess, I wasn't particularly thinking about that when I created this painting.  I just wanted to be refreshed, and now I am.
I suppose - in one humble session - I was ministered to by Holy Spirit, and I didn't even know it.
"Paint today, and I will bless you" I kept hearing Him say. Well, this first attempt at painting a waterfall sure turned out to be a blessing, and I know the best is yet to come!
Still learning and growing. Lord willing, I'll keep you posted.

"Waterfall - 1st Attempt"
Copyright 7-28-2016, SJ Palmer

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Still standing...

"Still Standing"
Copyright 7-26-2016, SJ Palmer
For me, the star of this painting is the big tree.

Back in 2001 the Lord told me He had given me His "ability to endure"... I remember the young woman prophesying over me added, "the Lord wants you to know that you're going to make it through everything..."

That's what this work says to me. God's Life is always present, growing ever within and before me, born of His Light. I am rooted and grounded in His character. Above all, the Blood of Jesus runs strongly and steadily through my veins, and I am back-dropped and surrounded by His Wisdom, resolve, safety, and refining fire.
I like this painting. To me, it means - no matter what - I am possessed of His ability to endure and, in Him, I'm still standing.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Storm Descending

It wasn't until I finished this painting that I realized its prophetic significance.  I admit I was busy reveling in the phenomenon that mountains themselves tell you how to paint them; it's like they say to your brush, "there's a highlight here, a cliff there, a peak, and a shadow under here." (I know it's ALL Holy Spirit!)

The last several Sundays the Lord has reminded us that the unrighteous will not escape His Righteous judgement. It's a theme the Lord has taken up for centuries, but it's never been as "in place" and active for America until now.

He's also reinforced His declaration that the righteous will continue to enjoy His safety and protection. We need not fear the storm clouds gathering and descending overhead, but only be found "in Him" so that we can receive the millions of souls yet to rush in to His Ark of Safety (the Lord Jesus Christ Himself) in the Great Harvest ushering in the end of the age.

The righteous will continue to bloom and, in Him, enjoy Peace with the Light of our Bridegroom in our eyes. Sit tight, beloved, and continue living righteously with your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus the Christ. Rejoice in Him - even as the storm descends. Amen.
"Storm Descending"
Copyright 7-6-16, SJ Palmer

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My take on a Misty Forest

Years ago my first painting was of a misty forest; I learned the technique from a popular artist but haven't tried it on my own until today. I used the colors in my mind and exaggerated the source of light (for a change) - MUCH to my delight.

The Lord has brought SO much color to my life and so much light over the years as my hands are lifted up. The more of His Light I take in, the more illuminated I become... and His Light shines on everything around me. The Light of Jesus (yellow), God's refining fire (orange), and Christ's all-powerful Blood (red) which sustains us in everything. Dark green symbolizes Abba's preservation - something in which all His kids are planted.

That's MY take on the misty, lovely, colorful forest of God's design. Amen.

"My Take on a Misty Forest"
Copyright 6-29-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just Beyond the Golden Tree

My best friend Lynette named this painting as soon as she saw the tree (which I added last at my husband Jack's suggestion), because it gives this work such a gorgeous feeling of being home.

Perhaps after a long day's work in the city or after a very long, thirsty, and hungry day hunting... all the devoted owner wants to see is his cozy house, "Just Beyond the Golden Tree".

His wife is waiting with a kiss, dinner, cool water, and a warm fire. What a simple, lovely evening! The Bible says that a little that the righteous has is worth more than the riches of the wicked, and I agree, don't you?

This is the life.

"Just Beyond the Golden Tree"
Copyright 6-23-16, SJ Palmer

Monday, June 20, 2016

Now it's finished!

"Mountain with Family"
Copyright 6-20-2016
SJ Palmer
What a difference adding "family" makes! If you remember, this rocky guy was all alone when I created him, because I was fixated on his life only. That tired little lake was just something I threw in to give the painting somewhere to go - but it was terrible, IMO.

Today I gave my painting some TRUE finish by adding a tree in the foreground and a bunch of foliage along the sides of one of my favorite things in existence - a road. I love roads! To me, they hold promise, wonder, adventure, and mystery; and you can really think and be at peace while walking a road. The idea just amazes me, attracts me, delights me. All of our walk with God is a "road"... you get the idea.

If you look closely at the first version in the last post, you'll see it's unsigned; I guess because then it was purely an exercise. But now that I've done what God does by "putting the solitary into families", this one's an actual painting - so it's signed.

Yep, painting and I are getting along fine.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

My take on mountains

Mountains are ominous things; I believe each one of them is alive. The Lord Jesus already told us the rocks have voices that will cry out praise. Well, mountains are where rocks live... or at least where they are born.

I wanted this mountain to be the star in this painting, and it is. It is my first attempt at creating them with a pallet knife, which wasn't easy but sure was worth it. God willing, I'll be doing it again.
Thank You, Lord!

"My Take on Mountains"
Copyright 6-16-16, SJ Palmer

Monday, June 6, 2016


Copyright 6-6-16 by SJ Palmer

It's interesting how, when you look out a window, you see a distant scene draped in glinting color, especially when it's raining, and you see its spiked reflection. Then you focus on the window and see the rain doing an entirely different thing in droplets on the panes. When wind is involved, watery discs take on life and movement of their own.

I saw that in this painting; it soothes me like the lights and reflections during "Rain".


Monday, May 16, 2016

The Gift Gallery: So far, so good!

God's artistic expressions are continuing in SO many ways in my life that now - with His enabling - I'm going to share in this blog the JOY He's given me through painting. I pray it will be a blessing much like extolling His tender heart has blessed multitudes via the Daddy's Girl blog.

Blogging is a medium that covers the world; it enables us to share our lives with folks in other countries right from our living rooms or home offices. I'm loving painting more and more; so, God willing, I will be passing on my feelings about the gift He imparted to me in 2011. Like any gift, God wants me to use it and plumb its depths and, as I have, I'm growing more confident and better at it. I'm excited to begin this blog by summarizing a few of the latest works, then continuing to share with you the new works He gives me, one by one.

It is SO MUCH FUN working with the Lord and moving to the cadence of His favor upon me. (I'm a child of His Favor - it's one of my spiritual names...)  After learning basic techniques from online professionals, I have done a handful of paintings which I'll share right now. These compositions I've seen in my own mind by God's power:

The latest (hanging in my home right now)...

"The Process"
Copyright 5-15-16 by SJ Palmer.

Before that (check out the night sky)...

"Red, White, and Blue Tree"
Copyright 5-12-16 by SJ Palmer.

Another beautiful abstract (done with my own breath and compressed air)...

Copyright 5-7-16 by SJ Palmer.

Reflective of my freedom...

"Open Sky"
Copyright 4-7-16 by SJ Palmer.

And, my very first abstract painting...

"1st Abstract Painting"
Copyright 4-30-16 by SJ Palmer.

I'm very grateful for the gifts God has given me; He is my Father, my Caretaker, my Friend, my Partner, my Support, my Benefactor... my Everything.  He has given me all that my art says and every ounce of JOY that comes with it. So far, so good!

Thanks for receiving the first taste of my gallery of art. God keeping me, as always, the best is yet to come!