Monday, May 16, 2016

The Gift Gallery: So far, so good!

God's artistic expressions are continuing in SO many ways in my life that now - with His enabling - I'm going to share in this blog the JOY He's given me through painting. I pray it will be a blessing much like extolling His tender heart has blessed multitudes via the Daddy's Girl blog.

Blogging is a medium that covers the world; it enables us to share our lives with folks in other countries right from our living rooms or home offices. I'm loving painting more and more; so, God willing, I will be passing on my feelings about the gift He imparted to me in 2011. Like any gift, God wants me to use it and plumb its depths and, as I have, I'm growing more confident and better at it. I'm excited to begin this blog by summarizing a few of the latest works, then continuing to share with you the new works He gives me, one by one.

It is SO MUCH FUN working with the Lord and moving to the cadence of His favor upon me. (I'm a child of His Favor - it's one of my spiritual names...)  After learning basic techniques from online professionals, I have done a handful of paintings which I'll share right now. These compositions I've seen in my own mind by God's power:

The latest (hanging in my home right now)...

"The Process"
Copyright 5-15-16 by SJ Palmer.

Before that (check out the night sky)...

"Red, White, and Blue Tree"
Copyright 5-12-16 by SJ Palmer.

Another beautiful abstract (done with my own breath and compressed air)...

Copyright 5-7-16 by SJ Palmer.

Reflective of my freedom...

"Open Sky"
Copyright 4-7-16 by SJ Palmer.

And, my very first abstract painting...

"1st Abstract Painting"
Copyright 4-30-16 by SJ Palmer.

I'm very grateful for the gifts God has given me; He is my Father, my Caretaker, my Friend, my Partner, my Support, my Benefactor... my Everything.  He has given me all that my art says and every ounce of JOY that comes with it. So far, so good!

Thanks for receiving the first taste of my gallery of art. God keeping me, as always, the best is yet to come!