Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My take on a Misty Forest

Years ago my first painting was of a misty forest; I learned the technique from a popular artist but haven't tried it on my own until today. I used the colors in my mind and exaggerated the source of light (for a change) - MUCH to my delight.

The Lord has brought SO much color to my life and so much light over the years as my hands are lifted up. The more of His Light I take in, the more illuminated I become... and His Light shines on everything around me. The Light of Jesus (yellow), God's refining fire (orange), and Christ's all-powerful Blood (red) which sustains us in everything. Dark green symbolizes Abba's preservation - something in which all His kids are planted.

That's MY take on the misty, lovely, colorful forest of God's design. Amen.

"My Take on a Misty Forest"
Copyright 6-29-16, SJ Palmer

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just Beyond the Golden Tree

My best friend Lynette named this painting as soon as she saw the tree (which I added last at my husband Jack's suggestion), because it gives this work such a gorgeous feeling of being home.

Perhaps after a long day's work in the city or after a very long, thirsty, and hungry day hunting... all the devoted owner wants to see is his cozy house, "Just Beyond the Golden Tree".

His wife is waiting with a kiss, dinner, cool water, and a warm fire. What a simple, lovely evening! The Bible says that a little that the righteous has is worth more than the riches of the wicked, and I agree, don't you?

This is the life.

"Just Beyond the Golden Tree"
Copyright 6-23-16, SJ Palmer

Monday, June 20, 2016

Now it's finished!

"Mountain with Family"
Copyright 6-20-2016
SJ Palmer
What a difference adding "family" makes! If you remember, this rocky guy was all alone when I created him, because I was fixated on his life only. That tired little lake was just something I threw in to give the painting somewhere to go - but it was terrible, IMO.

Today I gave my painting some TRUE finish by adding a tree in the foreground and a bunch of foliage along the sides of one of my favorite things in existence - a road. I love roads! To me, they hold promise, wonder, adventure, and mystery; and you can really think and be at peace while walking a road. The idea just amazes me, attracts me, delights me. All of our walk with God is a "road"... you get the idea.

If you look closely at the first version in the last post, you'll see it's unsigned; I guess because then it was purely an exercise. But now that I've done what God does by "putting the solitary into families", this one's an actual painting - so it's signed.

Yep, painting and I are getting along fine.


Thursday, June 16, 2016

My take on mountains

Mountains are ominous things; I believe each one of them is alive. The Lord Jesus already told us the rocks have voices that will cry out praise. Well, mountains are where rocks live... or at least where they are born.

I wanted this mountain to be the star in this painting, and it is. It is my first attempt at creating them with a pallet knife, which wasn't easy but sure was worth it. God willing, I'll be doing it again.
Thank You, Lord!

"My Take on Mountains"
Copyright 6-16-16, SJ Palmer

Monday, June 6, 2016


Copyright 6-6-16 by SJ Palmer

It's interesting how, when you look out a window, you see a distant scene draped in glinting color, especially when it's raining, and you see its spiked reflection. Then you focus on the window and see the rain doing an entirely different thing in droplets on the panes. When wind is involved, watery discs take on life and movement of their own.

I saw that in this painting; it soothes me like the lights and reflections during "Rain".