Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My take on a Misty Forest

Years ago my first painting was of a misty forest; I learned the technique from a popular artist but haven't tried it on my own until today. I used the colors in my mind and exaggerated the source of light (for a change) - MUCH to my delight.

The Lord has brought SO much color to my life and so much light over the years as my hands are lifted up. The more of His Light I take in, the more illuminated I become... and His Light shines on everything around me. The Light of Jesus (yellow), God's refining fire (orange), and Christ's all-powerful Blood (red) which sustains us in everything. Dark green symbolizes Abba's preservation - something in which all His kids are planted.

That's MY take on the misty, lovely, colorful forest of God's design. Amen.

"My Take on a Misty Forest"
Copyright 6-29-16, SJ Palmer