Monday, June 20, 2016

Now it's finished!

"Mountain with Family"
Copyright 6-20-2016
SJ Palmer
What a difference adding "family" makes! If you remember, this rocky guy was all alone when I created him, because I was fixated on his life only. That tired little lake was just something I threw in to give the painting somewhere to go - but it was terrible, IMO.

Today I gave my painting some TRUE finish by adding a tree in the foreground and a bunch of foliage along the sides of one of my favorite things in existence - a road. I love roads! To me, they hold promise, wonder, adventure, and mystery; and you can really think and be at peace while walking a road. The idea just amazes me, attracts me, delights me. All of our walk with God is a "road"... you get the idea.

If you look closely at the first version in the last post, you'll see it's unsigned; I guess because then it was purely an exercise. But now that I've done what God does by "putting the solitary into families", this one's an actual painting - so it's signed.

Yep, painting and I are getting along fine.