Thursday, July 28, 2016

Waterfall - 1st attempt

In this painting, the water's the thing.

Holy Spirit is symbolized by water.  So is ministry.  But, I confess, I wasn't particularly thinking about that when I created this painting.  I just wanted to be refreshed, and now I am.
I suppose - in one humble session - I was ministered to by Holy Spirit, and I didn't even know it.
"Paint today, and I will bless you" I kept hearing Him say. Well, this first attempt at painting a waterfall sure turned out to be a blessing, and I know the best is yet to come!
Still learning and growing. Lord willing, I'll keep you posted.

"Waterfall - 1st Attempt"
Copyright 7-28-2016, SJ Palmer

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Still standing...

"Still Standing"
Copyright 7-26-2016, SJ Palmer
For me, the star of this painting is the big tree.

Back in 2001 the Lord told me He had given me His "ability to endure"... I remember the young woman prophesying over me added, "the Lord wants you to know that you're going to make it through everything..."

That's what this work says to me. God's Life is always present, growing ever within and before me, born of His Light. I am rooted and grounded in His character. Above all, the Blood of Jesus runs strongly and steadily through my veins, and I am back-dropped and surrounded by His Wisdom, resolve, safety, and refining fire.
I like this painting. To me, it means - no matter what - I am possessed of His ability to endure and, in Him, I'm still standing.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Storm Descending

It wasn't until I finished this painting that I realized its prophetic significance.  I admit I was busy reveling in the phenomenon that mountains themselves tell you how to paint them; it's like they say to your brush, "there's a highlight here, a cliff there, a peak, and a shadow under here." (I know it's ALL Holy Spirit!)

The last several Sundays the Lord has reminded us that the unrighteous will not escape His Righteous judgement. It's a theme the Lord has taken up for centuries, but it's never been as "in place" and active for America until now.

He's also reinforced His declaration that the righteous will continue to enjoy His safety and protection. We need not fear the storm clouds gathering and descending overhead, but only be found "in Him" so that we can receive the millions of souls yet to rush in to His Ark of Safety (the Lord Jesus Christ Himself) in the Great Harvest ushering in the end of the age.

The righteous will continue to bloom and, in Him, enjoy Peace with the Light of our Bridegroom in our eyes. Sit tight, beloved, and continue living righteously with your eyes firmly fixed on Jesus the Christ. Rejoice in Him - even as the storm descends. Amen.
"Storm Descending"
Copyright 7-6-16, SJ Palmer