Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mind's Eye Ocean: A Black Canvas

My husband asked for a painting in blue, and here it is. Blue is an awesome color in all its shades; I've yet to see an ugly blue. Even married with brown as it is here, it somehow works. My eyes are deep brown and, often in my dreams, that color will "vignette" what I'm actually seeing; that's why it's here. (Also, I began painting with another theme in mind using brown, which didn't come together.)

Sometimes it takes dipping my toes in the water to show me the real direction I should go. I thought about the Bering Sea at night (I'm a huge "Deadliest Catch" fan) and out this came. Between God's power and Bob Ross, the paintings are improving. I never realized how tentative I was with acrylics - Holy Spirit (actually symbolized by "oil") has caused me to relax with oils. Praise God.

"Ask and you shall receive" Jesus said. I'm here to tell you He's no shorter than His word. Hallelujah!


"Mind's Eye Ocean"
Copyright 8-25-16, SJ Palmer