Monday, August 8, 2016

UPDATED: Yes - the tree is the thing

I love trees; I've known that for many years. They praise God continually. This painting reflects my desire to express that love in my own way. God has given me a great gift; prior to His gracious impartation, I could only finger paint!

The tree in the furthest foreground is a lot like me; stretched out in praise and facing the sun on an island filled with life, growth, and color. Those of you who kindly visited this blog yesterday are aware of the changes I've made to the tree since then. Its leaves were dull and looked off-peak; the Lord has worked lovingly and diligently on the "colors" of my life, to make them POP! all bright and shiny. Now this tree looks like me, letting my light, life, and amazing color shine forth to the world. IT IS THE LORD'S DOING, and it is marvelous in my eyes!

The tree still greets the viewer and ushers them in to the other components of contemplation oil painting facilitates so aptly in me. Its new foliage was applied with a palette knife - slowly, joyously, methodically... and that's definitely like me. Acrylics dry fast, which is sometimes quite useful; but oils give time for thought. I like that.

Yeah, absolutely now, in this painting the tree's the thing.


"The Tree's the Thing"
Copyright 8-9-16, SJ Palmer