Thursday, September 8, 2016

Forest in Contrasts: Acrylic Painting

This acrylic painting easily could have been glazed in oil colors and, at first, that was planned. But I fell in love with the black, white, and gray of this work and decided to call it done.
Jack nearly flipped over it; Lynette loves it, too.
Seeing through the eyes of Righteous Judgement (black), Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding (gray), and Truth/Purity (white) is seeing as God sees. He's the Source of these attributes and is Creator of all color. God is THE Great Teacher and, as a painter, I found this a helpful exercise in "value" appreciation... learning to work with the most basic darks, lights, and shading tonal.
As an ever wide-eyed child of God, I am grateful for the striking beauty and humble simplicity of this Forest of Contrasts. Amen.


"Forest of Contrasts"
Copyright 9-8-16, SJ Palmer