Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thank You, God

I love being honest about my feelings.

Yesterday I got a wake-up call about my art, my painting... it's certainly good enough for me at this stage in life, but it's not the best. I know that.

I love what I do and the things God does for me - from ministering prophetically to dreaming to seeing visions to writing and being a wife... and painting... yes, painting... they're all things that I love. But most of all, I love who I truly am:

I AM MY HEAVENLY FATHER'S DAUGHTER. I am HIS Shamma, and I don't ever want to be anything less or anything else - ever. For my everlasting and true identity, I thank God.

I got prideful about my paintings yesterday (albeit only for a few moments), but I was quickly brought down to earth by a local artist's paintings that absolutely out stood mine by a country, land, sea, and city mile. Beautiful lines, gorgeous treatment of light and movement... the graceful strokes of pigment looked like photo color against the canvas... these were works bearing worthy testament to an artist's years of study; none of the strokes looked immature or unfinished, and I was justly humbled and impressed.

So, after landing safely on the soft shores of humility, I apologized to the Lord. He gave me this aptitude "for fun" and my enjoyment, not for basking in vainglory or huge revenue. In truth, I'm nowhere near an even serious amateur level of painting; I'm strictly an enthusiastic hobbyist, and I love it. For that, I thank God.

Not so very long ago I could not have even picked up a charcoal pencil or paint brush with any real prowess or eye at all toward "creating", but God and His mercy turned toward me and answered my prayer to enter a world of artistry and imagination I had never known. I have loved it, and I still love and regard it as where I want to be. Thank You, God.

I pray you'll all forgive me, too, for briefly getting too big for my britches. I pray you'll continue sharing my journey on this outstandingly thrilling, fun, and awesome road God has skillfully sown into my life. I contritely confess that - in more places than the canvas - I've still got TONS to learn!

God bless you.