Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Under Purple Skies

I love the intense skies! Here, it's about what God can do when we give our imagination to Him. This painting began a totally different way before the Lord enabled me to sit back and see what I truly wanted. Once I did, I went for it!
God knows your abilities better than you do... He knows what He put in you, and He's delighted to allow His gifts to emerge for your enjoyment.
Some elements of this painting took readjusting (to the point of scraping off paint and applying better vision), but that is SO like life in Jesus - I couldn't help noticing that!

I've prayed restoration over myself for the virtue that's gone out onto this beautiful canvas. (All you artists should do the same to aid your endurance and preserve your joy.) God is good.
Prophetic painting isn't new, but it is to me; I like it. God is amazing.

(BTW, I'm the red bush!)

"Under Purple Skies"
Copyright 9-7-16, SJ Palmer