Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Touch of Autumn

There are parts of the Hudson Valley that resemble this sweet scene about now.  Portions of nature still cling to summer greenery, while others scoot over to accommodate change.

That's a bit like some of us; there are those who welcome color splashes and differences in shade and frame and temperament in life and those who prefer comfortable, familiar monochromes.
Concerning trees, my mother told me long ago that God "puts them to sleep in autumn and wakes them up in spring." That truth conveyed such personal, loving kindness to me about God. It made me want to know Him more.
I pray that when you look at nature's subtle, fragile, seasonal transitions you'll desire a richer acquaintance with the God Who welcomes every bud and forms every leaf; with He Who mindfully stores the sap in earthen cellars until the time to pump it warmly back through each wooden, worshipful arm of His trees.
I pray that as you look on "A Touch of Autumn" you'll praise and stand in awe of His precious handiwork. God bless you.

"A Touch of Autumn"
Copyright 10-5-16, SJ Palmer