Monday, October 31, 2016

Contemplating Strength

"Contemplating Strength"
Copyright 10-31-16, SJ Palmer

I love the intensity of this painting. It's beautiful because it depicts simple, colorful, simmering activity. When my brain studies things via God's power, it sounds like waterfalls; steady, bubbling creativity; it feels good and refreshes the mechanisms of thought. That's the Lord's doing. Holy Spirit is often symbolized as water... I believe "rushing" water does Him justice.
I have very much wanted to put mental movement on canvas, capturing the general atmosphere of the inner world of holy, peaceful, deep contemplation of God that makes my life wonderful... for it is.
Practice indeed makes perfect and - while this isn't perfection's picture - this work is the closest I've come to pinpointing the emotions inside of me; that makes it perfect enough. I pray it speaks good things to all who see it.
God gave me a gift to be developed, and He is blessing the continued application of His gift by expanding my imagination and giving me all I need in terms of technique to explore and release the inner desires and colorful scenes in my heart.  For that and all things good and perfect, I bless His precious, faithful, Holy Name.  Amen.