Thursday, November 10, 2016

Birch Gateway

I was watching a Joy of Painting video and "saw" something (in the way of inspiration) in the contours of background trees host Bob Ross was making. As it turned out, his composition went a totally different way, but my imagination was sparked for a new painting, so off I went!

I call it, "Birch Gateway", the idea being to create a work showing depth in the background with a big birch tree up front, sort of like a landmark. I imagined that folks giving directions to those traveling this river might tell them to "veer right (or left) at the birch"... something cool like that. I love that, when you focus on the birch, the background gets fuzzy just like in life. Also, the rounded edges of the scene give the whole thing a bubble-like appearance like looking through glass into this small part of my world. (I didn't plan any of that awesome stuff; it's the Lord's doing!)

Imagination and I are becoming acquainted in new ways through painting. I'm having FUN... just as the Lord intended. Thanks to His great patience, encouragement, and mercy, I did not let this gifting just lay on the ground. He is developing it in me as I take time to practice; believe me, the raw ability is a miracle - it didn't exist with me prior to His merciful and compassionate impartation.

Watch other painters work and see what God gives you. It will be a part of "your story" only you can express.

Praise God!

"Birch Gateway"
Copyright 11-9-16, SJ Palmer