Thursday, December 1, 2016

Autumn Brook

What I like the best about this painting is the water. The little brook fall and then the little catchbasin of it before it flows away in the foreground is exactly what I wanted it to be. Praise God!
Otherwise, I like the colors in the foreground and background, I love the Phtalo blue of the sky and the orange foliage that contrasts with it, and I love the bushes in the middle and the lay of the land reflecting moonlight on the grass.
While it's not one of my best paintings, it represents a conquering of intimidation regarding the brook water effect that Bob Ross does so wonderfully and aptly on his videos. God enabled me to duplicate that technique, and it worked for me just fine.
The canvas is dry to start, then scrubbed with a thin coat of the blue. Because of that, the entire painting is basically cast in the shadows that come just before dark. I love that. I pray you enjoy this one and appreciate the cooperation between blue and orange on the color wheel.
God bless you!
"Autumn Brook"
Copyright 11-30-16, SJ Palmer