Friday, January 6, 2017

Vertical Valley

"Vertical Valley"
Copyright 12-31-16, SJ Palmer
This is the last painting of 2016, and I wanted to make it a little special so I splashed it onto a vertical 12" x 24" canvas. Very nice, and a lot of fun doing it!

The Lord is the Originator and Indweller of all colors, but I believe pinks are His the most. Pink symbolizes "Holiness", being set apart for God's plans and purposes. Naturally, Red is for the precious "Blood of Jesus", and Purple represents our identity in Christ and the "Royalty" we have in Him as part of His family. Green, of course, is "Life, Health, and Healing" (also peace and teaching). Dark Green is "Preservation", and Light Blue is "Peace". Teal is His "Delight"; Yellow stands for "Jesus", while Orange symbolizes His "Refining Fire". Brown reflects His "Humility", and White is "Purity" and "Truth".

Don't you just love it? GOD IS AMAZING!

Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did painting it, and HAPPY 2017!