Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Revelatory Path

"A Quiet Walk"
Copyright 2-24-17, SJ Palmer
This is a revelatory path, and an exercise for me in painting light. Black canvas will always give me the "mood" I need. Lord willing, as always, I intend to keep practicing. I like this painting.

Among other things I'm sure, Navy Blue is God's color for revelation; that's what my walk has been throughout life, but especially in the past four or five years, so I made Prussian blue (a more serious-minded blue) the star here, only mixing other colors to change its value. Titanium white, Midnight black, and Vandyke brown are the only other colors used.

The Lord gave the painting's title to my husband... they've nailed it again, IMO.

Things grow quieter and more noisy simultaneously; less busy but more (spiritually) kinetic, and certainly more challenging. Parts of my psyche and emotions I didn't even know existed have been tapped and utilized over the last few years; I'm affirmed, appreciated, and challenged more than ever by guess who? ME! I believe it's chiefly because I'm finally believing everything good Abba says about me. That's so important.

When God gently cups my chin in His Holy Hand and raises my vision to His, I see that HE is my being's total affirmation and praise (don't think God also gives His kids praise? Check out Romans 2:29 and be blessed!), excluding all others.  Only soaking in the Truth of God's unfailing love and plans for me satisfies my soul; that's how it's meant to be for all of us. The everlasting beauty of that revelation has highlighted my walk over the past few years, and it fills my body, soul, and spirit with His Light and Hope in what's to come. With God, there's always something brighter, lighter, higher, deeper, and more challenging in His plan that brings us ever closer to His amazing power, endless love, and continuing mercy. Moving and growing "from glory to glory" is chiefly what brings our souls into the wholeness He's prescribed.

That's what's lovingly around the bend of this illuminated, peaceful, gently elevated path. Following it with my eyes fixed upward to Jesus, trusting and believing in His words of truth and confidence regarding me have made this a steady, focused, ever-precious, and ever-deepening... Quiet Walk.

God bless you.