Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Night Walk: An acrylic abstract

I saw a nice tutorial a few days ago using a similar composition and decided to produce my own vision of it. I've called this effort Night Walk for obvious reasons but also because, to me, the girl depicted has chosen to walk at this time and condition to sort things out in her emotions.
Her mood and the night kind of embrace each other in this painting, as neither the color of her clothes nor the dank city street disturb one another. The mood is meant to be contemplative and solitary, not depressing.
I spent some of the best years of my life living with only the Lord and His angels... I came to dearly love and appreciate time to think and pray and drive at night. This colorfully-clad subject is doing the same, only on foot.
Perhaps you'll consider walking in the rain at night to clear your thoughts and share things with the Lord, or maybe you'll just think about your next quiet time with Him while enjoying this painting.
God bless.
"Night Walk"
Copyright 3-29-17, SJ Palmer