Friday, June 9, 2017

Place of Refinement

"Place of Refinement"
© 6-9-17 by Sharon J. Palmer
This is how I see God's process of refinement in my life.

The color orange symbolizes His refining fire, so the lightest parts of the painting are also the most glowing orange. It's gentle, albeit concentrated; that's how the Lord works with me (and probably many others) because He's such a thorough, tender God.

Sparse trees and grass... when we're going through refinement, there's nothing God wants us to reach for in abundance other than Him. The Godhead are the strongest part of this work, standing in the forefront and the most clearly seen.

Technically speaking, this is the first time I've used acrylic glaze, and I enjoyed it very much. I love the "misty" effect it gives the forest. I like not having to actually change tree values but simply vary amounts of glaze mixture used to fade out the background by degrees. Creating the effect is relatively easy once you get the feel of even distribution and flow of glaze; too much color, add water - too much water, add more of the colored glaze; swipe the brush in quick strokes to even things out. Got it; very successful. God willing, I've not seen my last use of acrylic glaze.

What I like, too, (almost best) about this painting is the level of peace I feel when I look at it. It's the kind of peace derived from quiet - when the noise of worldly voices inside and outside have been silenced by the Lord. That peace lends itself to concentration, and I enjoy that immensely... I revel in it. To me, Godly silence is essential when you're trying to focus on refinement (an ongoing process), letting Holy Spirit do His work in you and letting Abba get across what He needs.

It's been a long pause, but painting is back and, hopefully, with a new agenda of renewed vigor ever governed by the Lord. Amen.