Saturday, July 1, 2017

Deliverance and My Winter Birches

"My Winter Birches"
Copyright 7-1-17, SJ Palmer

It kind of cools off things around here to have a winter scene amid summer heat. Happy July.

I saw a variation of this painting by Tim Gagnon more than a year ago and haven't forgotten it. He's marvelously talented. Lynette wanted a painting to match her new bathroom d├ęcor - black, white, tan, gray - and I promised her I'd give her my interpretation of that winter birches painting to fit the bill. This is it, and I really like it.  I just like saying it's my interpretation of the Gagnon work... takes the pressure off.

When we're undergoing deliverance (as I am at this writing), issues that once slept like bare trees in winter are awakened by the Lord.  Skies behind us cast over gray and clouds only get illuminated by the "great but little" light provided by God so we can see our way to yielding through the trial.

I think Birch trees are fascinating in their color and design; the whites of their bark are subject to color and value changes based on sunlight; sometimes appearing pink, beige, gray... the list goes on. My mood hues vary during deliverance, subject to what's being exposed by God. Sometimes His light shines on things in unison and they're highlighted, sometimes the same branches of an issue fade to the background in shadow... all painted by God. I've conveyed that here; kind of fuzzily, but clear... my version of winter birches while I'm being delivered by the Lord.